What is Modbus poll?

Modbus Poll is a software tool used for testing, monitoring, and troubleshooting Modbus communication protocols. Modbus is a popular communication protocol widely used in industrial automation systems for connecting and controlling devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), sensors, and other industrial equipment.

Modbus Poll allows users to establish a connection with Modbus devices and send specific Modbus commands to read and write data from these devices. It provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of interacting with Modbus devices and analyzing the communication between the devices and a Modbus master (such as a computer or a supervisory control and data acquisition system).

Some of the key features of Modbus Poll include:

Reading and writing data: It allows users to read and write data to Modbus registers, coils, inputs, and holding registers. This feature enables users to monitor and control the data exchanged between Modbus devices.

Multiple data formats: Modbus Poll supports different data formats such as binary, hexadecimal, decimal, floating-point, and ASCII. This flexibility enables users to work with various types of data commonly used in industrial applications.

Monitoring and logging: It provides real-time monitoring capabilities to visualize the data flow between Modbus devices. Users can also log the communication data for analysis and troubleshooting purposes.

Error detection: Modbus Poll can detect errors and exceptions that occur during Modbus communication, helping users identify and resolve communication issues effectively.

Automation and scripting: The tool allows users to automate repetitive tasks by creating scripts and macros. This feature is beneficial when performing extensive testing or when interacting with a large number of Modbus devices.

Modbus Poll is widely used by system integrators, automation engineers, and developers working with Modbus-based systems. It helps them ensure the proper functioning and interoperability of Modbus devices and facilitates troubleshooting and debugging during the development and deployment phases.